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Ask the Expert: What are the newest options for genetic testing?

Ask the St. Elizabeth Expert: What are the newest options for genetic testing?

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - New discoveries may soon offer even more medical care based on your own DNA.

Genetic specialists at Saint Elizabeth Healthcare say researchers discovered dozens of new variants in human DNA, especially related to breast cancer.

At one particular local fashion show that was held to raise money for cancer care, survivors are supported and hopeful.

“I'm trying a new treatment plan and I have my fingers crossed with my prayers together,” said Linda Mears, a patient with cancer.

“The show is raising money for a good cause. This year's cause is our cancer center that we are planning on opening in our near future,” said St. Elizabeth Healthcare President & CEO.

But soon, at that cancer center, a genetic counselor there may be next level testing based on your own DNA.

“Personalized medicine is something we are really excited about, we can take a sample of a patient’s DNA through saliva or blood to see what their genetic profile is,” said Maureen Graham, a St. Elizabeth Genetic Counselor.

The new study in nature genetics shows more than 70 new gene mutations have been discovered, many in those with breast cancer.

That means then that everyone might have to be their own detective and find out what's happening in their own body, so for that there's probably a couple of questions everyone should learn to ask.

"It's essentially fine-tuning people’s levels of risk,” said Graham.

So, like many at the fashion show, find a cancer team, and ask about everything from your family risk factors to what's available for you to learn more.

"I think it helps you in your treatment, and maybe in your cure,” said Mears.

There is no word yet on how soon testing will begin for those new variants in your DNA.

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