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Ask the Expert: What kind of care is provided by a midwife?

What kind of care is provided by a midwife? (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A newer trend in health care, in birthing and beyond, is gaining ground in the Tri-State.

Many women are choosing to use midwives.

Midwives have been helping women give birth for a number of years, but recently many moms are choosing to work with them for a whole lot more.

Experts at Saint Elizabeth Healthcare explained why the popular trend is on the rise.

Hannah Hoffman recently gave birth to her second baby girl, Josephine Rose. At her bedside was a personal choice, a certified nurse midwife.

Hannah says she made that choice after researching several options in women's health care.

“The more we researched, I really liked the approach that midwives took, they take a more holistic and natural approach to childbirth,” said Hoffman.

That’s one of many things Allie Forbes says her midwife team is trained to do in a very personal way.

“You are choosing a partner in your healthcare,” said Forbes.

A certified nurse midwife has an advanced nursing degree and specialty training as a midwife.

“We want to provide you with the most up to date information that we have available to us to help choose and guide your own healthcare,” said Forbes.

While many women often think, or know, that a midwife is available for labor and delivery, these midwives want you to know that they help with a whole lot of other medical care.

“Basically, we do women's healthcare we are everything from pap smears to breast exams to labor care in the hospital, post-partum care,” said Forbes.

They don't replace your women's health physician, they are just really important members of the physician’s team, according to OB-GYN Dr. Martin Clements.

“They continually work with us, and when things are complicated we work together,” said Dr. Clements.

“We really know pregnancy, we know birth, and we do it very well,” said Forbes.

For Hoffman, the midwife team was always there, before, during and after Joey's birth.

“They were always so positive and encouraging, I feel like I could have asked them anything,” said Hoffman.

Midwife care is covered by medical insurance.

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