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Ask the Expert: What tests are inside the Cardiovascular Mobile Health Unit

What tests are inside the Cardiovascular Mobile Health Unit (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If you can't get to the doctor's office for a heart screening, maybe you need to let them bring the tests to you!

The team at the Saint Elizabeth Heart and Vascular Institute Healthcare is offering “mobile testing” in several areas all around the Tri-State.

So, what's inside the mobile cardiovascular health unit?

When Linda Docter stepped outside Dillard's at the Crestview Towne Center on Tuesday, she said that “I learned that I'm in pretty good shape.”

She learned that information inside the Cardiovascular Mobile Health Unit. A team from the St. Elizabeth Heart and Vascular Institute brings the unit to those who may make an effort to improve heart health.

“I exercise, I try to eat right,” said Linda.

“Women are the go-to people in the family,” said Jeanie Foley, Prevention and Wellness Manager for the Heart and Vascular Institute. “Heart disease is the number one killer of women and that includes more than all cancers combined. Sometimes we realize that women don't have that piece of information.”

Inside the unit, a “Fingerstick” checks good and bad cholesterol, and diabetes risk, a blood pressure check evaluates stroke risk and a test using ultrasound evaluates healthy bloodflow.

“If you get a blockage it shuts off the artery and produces turbulent flow, so what you are hearing with you is nice normal blood flow,” said Foley.

Blood flow in your lower body is evaluated as well.

Total time for those tests is about 30 minutes, and then you are given something called a health risk assessment, she'll then find out the information she need to know, not just for her personal physician, but also for her real heart age.

“It gives them a nice snapshot of where they stand as far as disease down the road,” said Foley.

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