St. Elizabeth Healthcare coordinates infection control with state

St. Elizabeth Healthcare coordinates infection control with state (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A team of healthcare providers got quite a “drill” on Wednesday in how to help reduce the risk of a deadly disease.

The team at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, along with local and state public health specialists, held an “Ebola Drill.”

You may recall Ebola is a potentially deadly and highly contagious virus that if even suspected, needs immediate containment.

“We have an Infectious Disease Response Team here that was developed by the organization several years ago that was developed a few years ago with the Ebola outbreak hit,” said Lee Ann Ernst of St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

In a mock incident on Wednesday, a family of three presented to the hospital walked into the emergency department and once the team heard that their scenario was that of Ebola-like symptoms after international travel to an infected country.

They got that family away from the rest of the emergency population. From there, the family then can be taken into emergency intensive care.

On Thursday, the drill will continue at the airport where they will train to board for a flight to Emery University in Atlanta where they could be treated for the potentially deadly infection.

“I know the term ‘Ebola’ is less used these days and thankfully we do have some things that have reduced the number of Ebola patients but Ebola was alive and well before it came it to play, as well as other diseases, in the remote countries and we could be affected by those at any time,” said Lee Ann Ernst.

While Lee Ann's right that people are probably not hearing about Ebola as much recently, there are still many other viruses circulating that would benefit from the same kind of practice drill.

The team will review each day with what goes well, and where to step it up in areas of improvement.

They continue to revise throughout the year as new treatment and information becomes available.

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