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Study: Poor bathroom hygiene responsible for many illnesses

Study: Poor bathroom hygiene responsible for many illnesses (WKRC file)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new study on superbugs confirms what ear nose and throat experts with ENT and Allergy Specialists and St. Elizabeth Healthcare say they've known for a long time, when it comes to preventing them handwashing is key.

Researchers in the journal "Lancet Infectious Diseases" found while we often say we got food poisoning or another bad bug, we likely had poor toilet hygiene. That means we didn't wash our hands properly after using the restroom.

In this study, they were specifically looking at antibiotic-resistant E. coli superbugs and how they spread, but Dr. Bryan Krol said germs or bugs that cause viruses that impact our throats, sinuses and much more are likely also spread through our hands.

"Certainly about 80 to 90 percent of these illnesses, they are spread through objects where people who didn't wash their hands have touched. So, by washing your hands, you can protect yourself and protect others and that's certainly the most important thing."

Previous studies have shown even when most of us do wash our hands, we do a rush job. They remind us to get the real benefit, you have to use soap and water, between all your fingers and wash long enough to sing happy birthday -- twice.

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