Ask the TriHealth Experts: What is Pet Peace of Mind?

Pet Peace of Mind (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local mom said a program that helps families find pets in a very unique way has given her family an amazing gift.

The program is run by a team of experts at Hospice of Cincinnati. They have a special event to support in August 2016, they hope people will attend. It finds homes for pets when their own owners can no longer care for them.

Chris and Sarah Cambpell remember the first day they asked their two boys, Ben and Logan, about bringing a loveable Jack Russel mix named Lucy home.

Sarah Campbell said, “It was kind of fitting, we have two cats named Charlie and Snoopy so we thought maybe it was meant to be.”

The amazing part about Lucy being part of their family was how they got the dog. She was part of a program called Pet Peace of Mind, one of just a few in the nation when people who have loved ones who are dying.

It's hard to have a conversation about dying, Sandra Lobert knows that. She runs the Inpatient Hospice Care Center and recently discovered the team there needed Pet Peace of Mind.

Lobert said, “So often care for a pet is one of the biggest worries of the patient and their family so this program is designed to do anything that's needed to take somebody to the vet, to walking a dog, to ultimately placement.”

The Campells said there may be nothing more important to them than family. So when it came to Lucy the fact that she was losing hers and didn't have anybody else to go to hit home. Now the little dog that didn't have anybody has everybody surrounding her with love, the exact thing those in hospice are all about.

People are invited to attend a program called Gourmet Melodies August 13, to support the program.

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