$75 million donated to Lindner Center of Hope

$75 million donated to Lindner Center of Hope (WKRC)

MASON, Ohio (WKRC) - The Lindner Center of Hope received a huge donation on Monday of $75 million.

Part of it is from the largest donation from an individual ever given for Behavioral Health Services who perform all kinds of behavioral health interventions and research.

The team at Lindner made the announcement of this gift at a news conference on Monday.

Linda and Harry Fath donated $50 million to the Lindner Center on Monday.

The Lindners added $25 million to make the $75 million total.

The Center of Hope offers inpatient and outpatient therapy. They provide counseling and treatment for everything from depression and bipolar disorders, to eating disorders.

The announcement will allow them to continue to offer those kinds of services in ways they say are needed as mental health concerns continue to rise in the local community.

“Mental illness is the number one public health problems but is so underfunded for reimbursement and research dollars, this kind of gift helps us bridge that gap and ensures that we can help many people and more people for a long time,” said Dr. Paul Keck, the President and CEO of the Lindner Center of Hope.

A big part of this money will also allow for new research to continue. The center does a lot of clinical trials that have helped in several serious mental health conditions including depression and binge eating disorders.

It's important to note that if you do need help, you can self-refer and if you enroll in a trial, you can participate at no cost to you.

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