Area hospitals still report high numbers of flu-like illness

Area hospitals still report high numbers of flu-like illness (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Teams at local major hospital systems say they are still seeing new admissions for flu-like illnesses, but so far no one is reporting shortages or staffing concerns that can't be overcome.

That said, it doesn't mean the flu virus isn't still taking its toll.

“We are still seeing quite a number of admissions, some of the challenges have been team-members who have been getting sick, their children getting sick and even whole families coming down with the flu,” said Carolyn Fiutem, a TriHealth Infection Prevention Officer.

For weeks now, Fiutem has been tracking the numbers here at her TriHealth hospital.

Across the country, this week’s map from the Centers for Disease Control is showing that the local area is in the worst of it.

“We are still in the widespread activity in the entire tri-state area,” said Fiutem.

The most recent graphs from Hamilton County show hospitalizations in the Tri-State are slightly down in the most recent numbers, but emergency room visits still strong.

“Some folks are getting secondary pneumonias with the flu, so a little more complex,” said Fiutem.

The problem, according to the CDC, is that the local area hasn’t “peaked” yet.

And here's why a vaccine is still a good idea:

“The problem with flu, is that we are contagious, 24 hours before we ever have signs and symptoms, so that means you can spread the germs at that time,” said Fiutem.

Now as you know, this flu has hit all ages and all stages.

Flu vaccines are still being reported as available, but not all places have flu testing kits in outside offices.

Many say they are choosing to treat flu-like illness as if it is flu, to avoid complications that may be worse.

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