Cancer Chopped Champions cook-off to benefit cancer support community

Cancer Chopped Champions cook-off to benefit cancer support community (WKRC)

BLUE ASH, Ohio (WKRC) - It's not too late for you to enjoy some great cooking and support a good cause.

There will be champions fighting cancer at the annual Cancer Chopped Champions event.

The event is this Thursday (7/27) at the Edwin Greene Intermediate Middle School in Blue Ash. It's a cook off that starts at 6:30 p.m. and patients and their physicians and care providers become chefs to raise funds for the cancer support community.

“They bring a whole other compliment of care, they bring education empowerment, teaching men and women relaxation, medication, dietary skills, living skills coping skills and how do you keep going,” said Dr. Betsy Levick of OHC.

“I can’t control the stuff I can't control, but I can control the stuff I eat, the exercise I get and the emotional impact it plays on me, because how you feel about your cancer is going to impact you I believe than just the cancer itself,” said Christina Vann who is a breast cancer survivor.

Once again the event is this Thursday in Blue Ash. There is no charge, but they would like you to RSVP at 513-791-4060.

Local 12’s Liz Bonis will be there to help emcee it.

These events really help people feel like they are not alone.

The chefs are given ingredients, but they don’t have a set recipe, so you get some great dishes to sample, and great information for more support.

You can follow this link to learn more about the event.

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