City on a Hill will rebuild Western Hills theater for Hope Over Heroin

City on a Hill will rebuild Western Hills theater for Hope Over Heroin (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A community on the west side is getting quite a gift in the new year.

The former Danberry Theater is now property owned by a team that works with “Hope over Heroin.”

The theater will be renovated by those rebuilding their lives for those who want to rebuild lives.

“City on a Hill” is a non-denominational church and outreach ministry. It partners with other ministries to help men in recovery.

They have purchased the theater with private funding and donations as part of their mission to help others, especially those in heroin recovery.

“We're called city on a hill, and so we like forgotten and marginalized things, and try to figure out a way to harvest that thing, and that’s from people to food, to real estate and that's what Danbury property became to us,” said Johnathan Price of City on a Hill. “And so uh, we're looking forward to the remodel, and a lot of guys in recovery are going to help us with the rehab and selective clean out to become a beautiful city on a hill, that can't be hidden.”

This project is expected to start in March. They hope to have it reopened for worship services by fall of 2019.

If you need help or want to support this ministry, you can find a link here.

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