Doctors warn of potential danger to eyes from costume contact lenses

Doctors warn of potential danger to eyes from costume contact lenses (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – There is a health and safety warning as everyone goes out to pick up items for their Halloween costumes this year.

You may be familiar with contacts that will give the wearers an appearance of having cat eyes or some similar spooky Halloween-type pattern.

Buyer beware! A report released on Monday says that the contacts could be potentially dangerous to the wearer’s sight.

The danger, according to eye specialists at the Cleveland Clinic, is that the decorative contacts are a one size fits all lens. When you get prescription lenses, they are fit to your eye.

Since no two eyes are alike, a lens that doesn’t fit your eye measurement can scratch the eye as it moves around and raise the risk of irritation.

You also can raise the risk of an eye infection if you don't carefully wash your hands or clean lenses properly.

If you do choose to use them, it is recommended that you pay attention to how your eyes feel. If your eyes start to hurt, remove the contacts immediately. If your eyes keep hurting after removing the contacts, you should see your eye doctor to make sure something else isn't seriously wrong.

There are reports of vision loss from people who've used non-prescription contacts, for a number of reasons, so since you only get one pair of eyes, and no spare, it's not suggested you take these concerns lightly.

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