Eating healthy foods for better grades

Study: More fruits and vegetables can lead to higher scores (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Kids might need more than school supplies to make sure they have a good year.

As parents go back to school shopping, they might want to get kids to pick out a few of these that they will eat on a regular basis.

A new study in the journal "Appetite", found it's not just breakfast that matters when it comes to good grades for kids, it's also what they eat the rest of the day.

Researchers looked at fruit and vegetable intake of more than 4200 students in grades three to nine.

They found eating more fruit was associated with higher writing scores. Those who ate at least two pieces of fruit a day scored about 17 points higher than those who got just a few pieces a week.

Students who ate vegetables every night scored significantly higher on standardized tests, compared to those who didn't eat vegetables.

The one thing they found linked to lower scores was sweetened drinks. In this study, kids who had more of these sweetened drinks scored forty six points lower than those who did not.

This study was done in Australia but the link between diet and school performance is supported by other studies. It's one of the reasons many schools offer healthy breakfast and lunch at a low cost at school.

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