#EatPlayGrow: Children's Hunger Alliance launches pilot program

Children's Hunger Alliance launches pilot program (WKRC) 

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - How young is too young to start fighting childhood obesity? That's the question a new pilot program in Cincinnati hopes to answer.

The program focuses on kids as young as 3-years-old.

By the time a child is older, if you want them to be active, eat well, and lower the odds of being overweight, you may need to start that message.

At this age, according to the children's hunger alliance: “We purposely ensure that children without access, receive healthy meals, nutrition education, physical activity,” said Mark Haynes of Children's Hunger Alliance.

With obesity now a risk for children ages two and up, it's become more clear that it's never too late to learn healthy habits and it's also never too early.

The kids actually know a lot more than expected at their young age, particularly in the state of Ohio, where there's a high level of obesity and overweight, that leads to other chronic diseases and illnesses into adulthood.

Mark and Jean have just launched a new program through the Children's Hunger Alliance that is designed to teach kids good nutrition habits, before they develop bad ones: It is called “Eat, Play, Grow.”

“We usually do a lesson, a nutrition lesson a topic, we address that, we go into storytelling, craft activities, hands on with the younger kids, and we also do a healthy snack at the end of class,” said Jean Moy, a Registered Dietitian.

The goal is to teach those kids a little bit about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, that they can use for life, but that they will also take back to their own parents.

“Everyone who is a part of that child's learning is an active role model, on how to eat healthy and why it's important to eat healthy,” said

If you wondered if the kids were getting the message, within minutes of starting this class everybody was moving.

If you are a childcare center interested in getting this program for kids you serve, you can apply through this link.

The program is grant funded, and there is no charge to those awarded the program.

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