ER doctors seeing jump in flu complications

ER doctors seeing jump in flu complications (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Emergency medicine specialists now the latest group of healthcare providers that are warning everyone about the number of flu cases going around in the local area.

The main concern of the team at Bethesda North Hospital is the big spike in cases with complications coming into the Emergency Room this week.

“Last week we saw some, but now we are seeing tons of cases every day,” said Dr. Kenneth Patton.

Dr. Patton said other illnesses have been going around, but this was the big week to see the jump in flu cases and the complications from it. Those complications often include pneumonia, high fevers, respiratory symptoms and bad body aches.

People come in with everything from dehydration and breathing concerns.

“We are seeing surgence[sic] in the flu, earlier than usual, we usually see it more in January, or mid-January, and now we are seeing the flu now, so this week we've had a surge in cases, and the flu in the very young and very old can be life-threatening,” said Dr. Patton.

There is also an illness with a lingering cough going around and that's the other bad illness Dr. Patton's warning about.

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