Event held to raise awareness for melanoma, fastest growing cancer in women ages 17 to 23

Event held to raise awareness for melanoma, fastest growing cancer in women ages 17 to 23 (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - This beautiful weekend, a local wife and mother is reminding all of us to enjoy the weather but also don't let your skin be vulnerable to the darker side of the sun.

She admits that much of her life there was nothing better than being on the beach.

“I was a life guard and swimming instructor,” said Jenny Powell.

Now Jenny Powell has the scars to prove it. She is a two-time melanoma survivor.

Sunscreen has been around now for 15 or 20 years, but melanoma is the fastest growing cancer for women 17 to 23.

Part of the reason she is sharing her story is so everyone can be invited to come out and hear some great music.

Ricky Nye is one of the musicians for “Melanoma Know More” and “Music for Melanoma,” a special event that everyone is invited to attend to raise money for research.

“It is an event like no other in Cincinnati, it is made up of 12 plus musicians who come in from all over the place,” said Leanne Blair of Melanoma Know More.

Those musicians get together and donate their time and talents to try and draw young women in to be checked and informed of the dangers of melanoma, especially those who can attend free screenings throughout the year made possible by the money that Music for Melanoma raises each year.

“If you come to a screening and they see something that looks scary or questionable, we'll expedite you to another dermatologist with in four weeks, from the date, which is incredible,” said Leanne Blair of Melanoma Know More.

The message is in those behind this music is this: Enjoy the sun but remember that “a healthy tan is a spray tan.”

As Jenny Powell knows, it could help save your life.

The Music for Melanoma event is August 10th at Kenwood Country Club.

It includes blues, jazz and rock artists from around the country.

You can find details on how to make a reservation at this link.

Local 12’s Liz Bonis will be there to emcee it.

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