Get Stroke Smart at event in Fairfield

Get Stroke Smart at event in Fairfield (WKRC)

Fairfield, Ohio (WKRC) - You are invited to attend a free event that could help save your life, and help prevent future health problems.

You're invited to get “Stroke Smart” this week in Fairfield. The free event is at the Oscar Event Center at Jungle Jim’s.

The main program starts at 5:30 p.m. Thursday and you can get food, free blood pressure checks, and a lot of great education and information.

The keynote speakers at this event are a young couple Local 12 introduced to you in a previous story on their book called “Love Stroke”.

Along with health care providers who can tell you a lot of information about the early warning signs, as well as preventing and treating strokes, Kelly and Brad Marsh will share their inspiring journey and why they wrote this book together.

“Two years ago, he said to me you should write a book, and I said I will only write it if you write it with me, because what I have to say is important, but the caregiver is important too,” said Kelly.

The screening events start at about 4:45 pm at the Oscar Event Center.

Liz Bonis will be there to help emcee it, so she’d love to have you come out and hear more from a great team and a great couple.

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