Graeter's ice cream celebrates the gift of life with kidney donor

Graeter's ice cream celebrates the gift of life with kidney donor (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – There was a big surprise for some special guests in the Local 12 studios on Thursday.

There was a special cake in studio while Liz and company were getting ready for their Sunday morning show “What's Happening in Health.”

It was all to celebrate Michael who gave a kidney to a neighbor and started a whole chain of joy.

Earlier this month, when Local 12 sat down to talk to Bill and Linda McGrane, it was to celebrate that Michael Noice had given Linda a kidney and given Bill his wife back.

So, on Thursday, as Local 12 prepared for What's Happening in Health in the studio, in walks Chip Graeter, a man who should need no introduction, as his famous Graeter’s Ice Cream is known nationwide.

What Linda admitted is that organ donation is really about restoring joy to those who receive and those who give.

“So happy that Linda is healthy, that Mike made it through and we've gained such great friends,” said Vicki Noice, Mike’s wife.

“It’s peace of mind knowing I have helped a new life,” said Mike.

“I couldn't believe that we had peach ice cream, Linda’s favorite peach ice cream brought here by Chip Greaters himself, just a phenomenal surprise,” said Bill.

“I’m just happy that she loves peach ice cream, and we were able to come, it was that time of year, and we're happy for that,” said Chip Graeter.

“In the very end, the best celebration of all is being able to see God’s hand through the whole thing because the things I thought were set backs that could have taken my life, were set ups, for amazing things, and so there’s no feeling like it, so for all those out there who are discouraged, just know that all those things are really for your own benefit,” said Linda.

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