High school student stroke survivor leads 1K Steps for Stroke

High school student stroke survivor leads 1K walk to fight stroke (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A lacrosse player from Sycamore High School will lead the 1K Steps for Stroke this weekend for the American Heart Association.

He had a stroke at age 17 and he has really shown his teammates the true definition of teamwork.

He's back to daily workouts with his lacrosse coach now, but just a few months ago David Moskowitz noticed after practice his tongue and his lips began to feel funny. "And then while studying I realized my whole right side of my face is numb,” said David Moskowitz, a stroke survivor and high school student.

David eventually went to the hospital where he had a series of tests. He found out something remarkable, that something in his brain was present, and they couldn’t cure it. It had caused something he'd never even heard about before, a young person having a stroke.

“David has an arteriovenous malformation, which is where the arteries and veins come together when they are not supposed to and that predisposes, for bleeding into the brain and that’s the kind of stroke that David had,” said Dr. Brett Kissela of UC Neurology.

“Never once did I believe my 17-year-old child was having a stroke,” said Sara Moskowitz, David’s mother.

The irony is that its lacrosse that may be helping to save David’s own life. “Recovery from a stroke is a team sport,” said David.

David says his teammates will walk with him and raise awareness in this year’s one walk to fight stroke for the American Heart Association this year. “I think it's a great way to promote that strokes can happen to anyone,” said David.

“We want everyone to know what's going on to try and help David and other kids that are suffering from what he suffers from,” said Jimmy Moskowitz, David’s father.

David never once even thought about giving up the sport he loves so much. “I just didn’t want to think that because it was my life,” said David.

“To see him on the lacrosse field, he comes out to practice every day he's got a huge smile, even though he's had a hard day,” said Greg Cole, a lacrosse coach and teacher at Sycamore High School.

Those hard days now have a new purpose sharing a message that David wants everyone to hear. “I’m 17. I’m an athlete. I was in the best shape of my life, and it happen to me, so it can happen to anyone,” said David.

David is still in treatment and will be for quite a while.

You can still show up for the Heart Walk or Run on Sunday. You can find a link to details here.

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