Holiday hazards that health and safety experts want you to know

Holiday hazards that health and safety experts want you to know about (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If you are making your list and checking it twice, there are a few hazards in your home, or outside it, that can harm your child's safety, emotional health, or even your own waistline.

Cleveland Clinic Health and Safety experts say there are three that can be easily diverted or avoided with a little holiday common sense.

Topping the list is a few things topping your tree. Cleveland Clinic child safety experts say kids are drawn to the sparkly lights and the shiny ornaments and all that glimmers on the tree.

Many of those items have not just hook and glass hazards, but little batteries inside called “button batteries”. If those are swallowed, they can cause serious internal injuries to kids.

It's suggested that those hazards are in high places kids can’t reach, on the tree, or in other areas of the house.

The second hazard is one that may seem a bit out there, but it’s real. It’s the fear of Santa. Since children are often taught to be careful with strangers, child health specialists say the first Santa visit may need some “first-visit preparation”.

In some cases, maybe it's better if they see Santa from afar, rather than close up. Some parents opt for practice sessions with Santa before a child sits on Santa’s lap.

Finally, holiday food is the third top hazard. Cleveland Clinic specialists say you might be surprised what foods are highest in calories. To start, it's extra hors-d'oeuvres which can be a meal's-worth of calories before the actual meal.

At the meal, it's often the candied yams and the green bean casserole that does the most damage. For drinks, it's often eggnog, which is sort of like drinking a cheeseburger in a cup when it comes to calories and fat.

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