"Know your family history": One step you should take to learn about your own heart risks

One step you should take to learn about your own heart risks (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - “Know your family history”. That's the heart health message from a young lady who is a team captain at her employer at Fifth Third Bank.

The bank has a special partnership this month with the American Heart Association.

The AHA is encouraging several lifestyle changes this month, including walking and good health at the office.

But one young lady said that knowing if heart disease is in your family can help you be on the lookout for early warning signs of a heart attack.

Something that she says after her grandfather had a heart attack, likely saved her own fathers life.

“So, my dad realized that he was having a heart attack, which was two months after my grandpa passed away from one, and he miraculously drove himself to the hospital, and the staff their saved his life they got a stent in, he had a 99 percent block in. I guess the worst part of the heart you can have it, but they said if he had been even a couple minutes late he wouldn't have survived it,” said Samantha Burris, of Fifth Third Bank’s Human Resources.

Apparently, Burris’ dad had a 99 percent blockage in a critical part of the heart and didn't know it.

The staff put a stent in for him, so he survived.

Knowing the warning signs is just one part of the heart awareness campaign going on with the American Heart Association and Fifth Third Bank.

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