Local doctor gets his own miracle when kidney donor saves his life

    Local doctor gets his own miracle

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local fertility specialist says he can relate to Local 12’s Howard Ain when it comes to needing a life-saving kidney donor.

    This is the story of how the “Miracle of Life” went from a professional calling, to one that is now very personal.

    It's a very special day for Ishita and Ghosl Saobhankai.

    “I am having twins, we are having twins, we are pregnant [laughs],” said Ishita.

    After a long struggle with fertility, the expecting parents say that they knew something was different when they entered the Bethesda Fertility Center.

    “The day we walked in here, we knew that something was going to happen,” said Ghosl.

    For nearly two decades, Dr. Pradeep Warikoo has directed the lab at the center.

    “Well, I try to grow human embryos and help people in getting pregnant,” said Dr. Warikoo.

    Dr. Warikoo has helped hundreds of families conceive over the years, but he says he gets a little help.

    “The life that comes in to that embryo that I grow is from the higher calling person,” said Dr. Warikoo.

    He also says that he has a team, who in this past year, began to notice something.

    “I had noticed that he didn't seem himself, but I didn't know what to make of it,” said Patty Boone.

    Then one day, word got out through an email, to many of the people in the team that the person who was usually helping others needed help himself.

    Dr. Warikoo sent a group email announcing that some days were going be rough and he detailed what was going on with him on a personal level.

    “He said he was on the kidney transplant list that he'd be there for eight years, and that he was starting dialysis,” said Boone.

    “I couldn't ask for help, because I am in the business of helping,” said Dr. Warikoo.

    Luckily Dr. Warikoo didn't have to ask.

    “I just knew right away that what I wanted to do for him, I needed to do it for him,” said Boone.

    Indeed, it was Boone, Dr. Warikoo’s very own fertility program coordinator, who gave the “life-gifter” the “gift of life” through living kidney donation.

    “I owe him a debt of gratitude, so I just knew I wanted to help him,” said Boone.

    Boone knew that without her own gift, more families wouldn't be able to celebrate healthy and new little lives.

    “I was privileged, and that was always how I felt about it, because you're right it allows him to go on and do what he does, so families can continue to grow,” said Boone.

    If you are interested in living kidney donation, you can find a link to the National Kidney Foundation here.

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