Local mom pumps extra milk to store for bottles to feed her baby

Local mom pumps extra milk to store for bottles to feed her baby (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - When it comes to keeping little baby Palmer healthy, her mom has quite an inspiring story about overcoming breastfeeding challenges.

You may remember Courtney Klingenberg, who Local 12 first met at Saint Elizabeth Healthcare during a Local 12 Facebook LIVE event that was focused on protecting babies by getting the whooping cough vaccine.

“She can't protect herself, so that is my number one job as a mom,” said Courtney Klingenberg.

Courtney says she especially feels that way because Palmer had some complications shortly after birth and spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Which also posed another problem for Courtney, breastfeeding, which she desperately wanted to do because of its nutritional value.

When Courtney had trouble getting her baby to breastfeed after the NICU stay, she began pumping breast milk. She could then make sure her baby got that milk, even from a bottle.

Courtney made an inspiring post on Facebook, encouraging other moms to find a way.

It reads:

Proud mama moment (and a big long post...????)

Before Palmer was born, I had BIG plans- and great intentions. She was obviously going to be exclusively breastfed and never see a bottle except for daycare. ???????I did the research, I had the plan, and the motivation. I was ready. Buttt... then P showed up! She spent 4 days in the NICU sucking down bottles of formula. I sobbed the whole time we were there. I was scared and worried about my child, and all my hopes of breastfeeding felt like they had vanished when we learned she couldn’t/ wouldn’t latch to me. ??This crushed me. Isn’t breastfeeding natural!? Aren’t we both made for this? Why can every other woman on earth do it EXCEPT Me!?

When we finally got home, I decided I was still in control. Every time Palmer took a bottle, I pumped. Within days she was off formula completely. I’ve been able to stick to this schedule and continue pumping several times a day AND save up a huge freezer stash. You’re lookin at 690oz of breastmilk here! ????We ended up needing a deep freezer to store it all! For Palmer 690oz translates to 172 bottles! I’m so glad I didn’t give in to the frustration in those early days! ?????????? #breastfeeding #freezerstash #proudmama #PalmerNoelle

Its a reminder to everyone that doing what you think is the right thing isn't always the easy thing.

There are great coaches for breastfeeding, but because Courtney’s baby got a bottle in NICU, she seemed to prefer that, so this was her alternative and a real inspiration.

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