Neighborhood health survey: 4/10 in Tri-State think they live in a healthy place

4/10 in Tri-State think they live in a healthy place (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Your zip code may determine the health of your family.

That's the latest from a new survey conducted in the Tri-State which looked at how people perceive where they live.

The survey was just released by Interact for Health, who are a group of health care professionals dedicated to helping us improve the health of the local community.

The survey is too new to see trends, but it's clear what you can and can't do where you live, could influence your health, and what you think of your neighborhood.

When you look at the Tri-State from up above, you don't see a lot of differences, just the beauty, the bridges, the parks and the water.

But Dr. O'dell Owens, the president and CEO of Interact for Health, says this survey, which asked people if they think we live in a healthy area, had some contradictions.

“The survey found that people that the region may not be as healthy, but they all thought their neighborhood at a higher ranking was healthiest,” said Dr. Owens.

Four out of ten people in all of the areas surveyed in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana said their own neighborhood is a healthy place to live, and that's down from a few years ago.

Those in the city of Cincinnati were less likely to rate their neighborhood as excellent or very good. Those in Butler, Clinton and Warren Counties are the most likely to do so.

What you may not realize is that when it comes to your health that more than your DNA code, it’s your zip code that makes the difference in life expectancy.

In Cincinnati, the difference is 20 years between the poorest neighborhood, and the most wealthiest neighborhood.

It's not about money, according to Owens, it's about the air you breath.

“We know that in Cincinnati Public Schools, ten percent have asthma,” said Dr. Owens.

The movement you get, the availability of healthy food and how easy it is for you to get to those things all matters.

“Transportation plays a role, if you don't have transportation, can you get to a place where you can have fun, can you get to a place where you can get medical care?” said Dr. Owens.

As for the one thing that may influence a child's health? There’s no question, according to Dr. Owens. “Play is healthy, you gotta play as a kid to be healthy,” said Dr. Owens.

Now these are just the highlights, if you want to take a closer look at where you live, you can follow this link.

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