New implanted device senses, helps possibly predict heart failure

New implanted devices senses, helps possibly predict heart failure (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A breakthrough device could help notify your doctor that something is wrong with your heart and it could help those who go into heart failure.

The “Resonate Device” is the first and only heart failure implantable device.

About 30 days before your heart is expected to fail, it notifies your medical team through sensors inside it.

Those sensors evaluate the sounds of the heart, it's heart rate, it's respiration and a whole lot more.

Monitors that are hooked up to it in your home and doctor’s office let you and your medical team know what's happening in the heart.

The implantable defibrillator made by Boston Scientific was put into a patient by a team at the Christ Hospital last month.

The team reports that it’s the first in the nation to implant one.

The team says in the right person it could not only predict heart failure, but also reduce hospital visits and readmissions that happen as the heart fails.

The goal is to prevent not just heart problems, but the sudden death that could, if undetected, go along with it.

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