New insulin delivery system helps local man better manage diabetes

New insulin delivery system helps local man better manage diabetes (WKRC)

GREEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - A man from Green Township is among the first in the country to use a new device to manage blood sugar levels.

The device is part of the newest insulin delivery system that works kind of like a pancreas outside the body.

It's now being tested for use in those aged 2 to 14 and has been approved for those ages 14 and up who have type one diabetes.

“It’s a 24-7 disease, you never can forget about it, but here for the first time, for hours at a time, I can forget that I am a Type 1,” said Mark Kacher, a patient with diabetes.

Mark Kacher says it's his new “MiniMed 670-G System” that's allows him to forget his Type 1 diabetes.

“What it does is it really levels out your blood sugar,” said

Since Type 1 requires the hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, the 670-G delivers that insulin by automatically adjusting to what the body needs.

Steve Watts says it works like an external pancreas.

“It's like a little computer, so it's what we program to put into the patient,” said Watts.

A tiny reservoir of insulin is attached to the body and it's delivered with the help of the little computer when this sensor tells it what's needed.

“It gives me more energy, it's really debilitating when you go high or low,” said Kacher.

Mark still does finger sticks to checks to check the system and can deliver more insulin if needed.

But graphs of his blood sugars show he's already making progress in average sugars day and night.

Dr. Barbara Ramlo-Halsted is an endocrinologist who has followed Mark's care as blood sugar technology has improved.

“So when he comes in now, with this new technology and you see those numbers, what does that mean for his life, it means the technology is able to work with him to afford flexibility,” said Dr. Barbara Ramlo-Halsted.

And with flexibility comes freedom that can come with a lot fewer blood sugar highs and lows.

There's a launch party with free lunch and a ballpark tour this Saturday at Great American Ball Park if you would like to attend and find out more about the new system.

You can find out more about the launch party by following this link.

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