New tool to digitally display veins

New tool to digitally display veins (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Finding veins for blood tests or any other treatment just got a whole lot easier thanks to some high tech help.

The high tech help can now in use by the team at Mercy Health in Fairfield. It's a wand that allows health care providers to see what's underneath the skin in a whole new way.

Accuvein is a vein viewing system that digitally displays a map of the veins under the surface of the skin in real time. Health care providers such as Lori Morgan, an emergency room nurse, then can verify the best vein foreverything from blood draws to inserting IV's.

Morgan said, "It is a great tool and we use it all over the hospital here."

The idea behind the tool is that it can be used in several populations, not just little babies, for those that might have difficult veins to find or a different skin color or even certain health conditions can make it hard to find a vein. The technology is mobile and can be used on any floor, in any room, right at the patients bedside.

While it's not a substitute for training and experience for vein finding, it 's one more tool to provide special help when a special touch might make a big difference in a tiny way.

The device costs have come down but are still several thousand dollars each. There's no additional patient cost if the device is used and the team said patients with tough to find veins were really grateful to have them.

Mercy Health has several of them for use at the hospital in Fairfield. No word yet on if and when other hospitals, or blood banks in the area, will begin using them.

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