October 18th is Breast Cancer Reconstruction Awareness Day

October 18th is Breast Cancer Reconstruction Awareness Day (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - You are invited to a free support program this month which celebrates breast cancer survivors.

Anytime you have a diagnosis of breast cancer there are all kinds of questions that come up, and if you'd like one place to be able to get some answers to those questions and find some support, that's what the program is all about.

The program is to highlight breast reconstruction as it plays a role in breast cancer care.

Dr. Ryan Gobble is one of surgeons participating in the Beast Cancer Reconstruction Awareness Day on October 18th.

The will give people access to many of the members who work on the UC Cancer Institute campuses in Clifton and West Chester.

The goal is to share new research on what's available to help prevent and treat breast cancer and what makes women more comfortable, from temporary knitted knockers to permanent implants.

“More recently is the idea of putting the implant on top of the muscle of your chest, the pectoralis muscle, something referred to as the pre-pectoral breast reconstruction,” said Dr. Gobble.

Dr. Gobble says this is a newer technique many women don’t know about.

“Some of the advantages of this technique is that we avoid lifting that muscle up off the chest wall which can cause pain and discomfort in addition when those patients flex their muscles often it can distort the position and shape of the implant,” said Dr. Gobble.

There will be specialists from West Chester and the campus down in Clifton at the event and if you'd like all the details you can learn more at this link.

This event runs from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on October 18th and is at the Center for Women's Cancer on the third floor of the Barrett Cancer Center in Clifton.

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