Reds' Adam Duvall visits patients at St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Reds' Adam Duvall visits patients at St. Elizabeth Healthcare (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Dozens of local patients and staff got a very special visitor at a local hospital on Tuesday.

Imagine you are just out of surgery, recovering and into your room walks one of the bright spots of the Cincinnati Reds in Adam Duvall!

That's what happened to one mom from Union on Tuesday.

Duvall is a paid health ambassador for St. Elizabeth Healthcare but on Tuesday he was simply a guy who was sharing what some say is the best medicine, a healthy attitude.

Tracy Adams admits that thanks to the team at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Edgewood, she has a bit of a bionic body.

“I had both my knees replaced, my right hip in May, and my left hip yesterday,” said Tracy.

She also admits that when it comes to her care: “They are great to people here,” said Tracy.

“I think she's gonna do great, she kinda knows what to expect and what to do, and she's very motivated,” said Suzanne Fernbach of OrthoCincy and St. Elizabeth Healthcare

But when you talk about motivation, when Duvall walked in, Tracy may have gotten a double dose of that motivation.

Adam knows a thing or two about recovering from surgery.

“I had back surgery in 2006… it doesn't bother me anymore,” said Adam.

Adam’s goal was just to share a little joy, but Local 12’s Liz Bonis also had to ask him about one of his own health challenges-- dealing with Type 1 diabetes.

“It's going good, it's going good, you know I’m on an insulin pump right now, I try to do research and stay up on what's out and what's coming out,” said Adam.

Duvall had a chance to hear about Tracy’s medical goals.

“She said she wanted to get back to doing more walking and being more active, so she was pretty excited about getting the second one done,” said Adam.

And she got to hear a little bit about his, too.

“You know it's important to me to preach a healthy lifestyle,” said Adam.

It's also he said a great day to be visiting patients because on Monday night, Adam’s team was in top form too.

“Feeling good, feeling good, as long as we win, it's a good feeling,” said Adam.

Duvall visited several patients and staff at the hospital, he does a lot to encourage kids living with diabetes as well.

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