Report: American men fathering children at an older age

Report: American men fathering children at an older age (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A report from the Cleveland Clinic says research shows American men across all regions and races are fathering children at an older age.

And although their fertility options may be longer than a woman's, specialists also say it's important for older dads to know that the risk of genetic abnormalities in children tends to rise with a father's age.

The studies overall suggest suggests a potential increase in autism, psychiatric problems, and neurological disease in children born to older fathers.

These may begin when children are fathered by dads in the late fifties and beyond.

Now, just like with women, this report suggests dads can help fight some of these by staying within a normal body weight and with eating well and exercising regularly.

This report based on study in in the Journal of Human Reproduction.

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