Report: Donating blood, money or time boosts spirits, reduces stress

Report: Donating blood, money or time boosts spirits, reduces stress (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If you are feeling a bit saddened by recent current events, psychologists say you're not alone.

The recent weather disasters and the massacre in Las Vegas have many asking what they can do to get more involved. Well there is one answer that you can think of as charity therapy.

You give blood or even volunteer your time or make a donation and a report from the Cleveland Clinic says it doesn't just help others it also gives you a form of therapy to boost your own spirits in return.

With the shooting in Las Vegas, you may recall the medical team put out the word for blood donors to help the injured, and people really did respond. That response is good for others and good for you according to the report.

It appears that people are essentially “wired to give.” Previous studies have shown that the “reward” center of the brain lights up when people give to others.

If something feels rewarding, people are more likely to do it. Not only does that give people an immediate emotional response, it also helps them lose focus on themselves and that reduces stress in their own bodies.

If you keep giving, you may feel like something good continues to come from something bad. A reminder then that Hoxworth is still looking for local blood donors this week.

The number to call to make an appointment is 513-451-0910.

If you donate at any neighborhood center this week, it's also part of Bengals blood drive week so you get a free limited addition helmet logo t-shirt.

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