Shape up Cincinnati: Interact for Health says more walkable communities are needed

Interact for Health says we need more walkable communities (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A report released on Wednesday from Interact from Health says walking is the favorite way to shape up, but everyone has some ways to go when it comes to making local communities walkable and shaping up Cincinnati.

The physical activity survey found walking tops the list of what people want to do for physical activity and it's followed by running, biking and gardening.

But they also found that many people can't walk somewhere right in their own neighborhoods.

“Some of the things that we looked at is access to safe places to walk, sidewalks, shoulders the majority of our community does feel like they have safe access however in our rural communities in the regions, we don't have as great of an access for people to get out and be active in their community,” said Megan Folkerth, of Interact for Health.

Megan Folkerth says that it is vital information for people to know where to continue to expand walking trials and paths.

She says people have been hearing a lot about bike trails lately and other forms of community activity available, but people also need to be able to walk to food places and businesses where they live.

“The more that we can build it into someone’s everyday life, the more they are going to be more successful and healthier,” said Folkerth.

The goal now is to use the information to find ways to add some of what's needed into local neighborhoods.

The next focus is the addiction and opioids and working against some of those problems too.

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