#SmilingForErica campaign raises awareness of breast cancer detection

#SmilingForErica campaign raises awareness of breast cancer detection (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - This “Giving Tuesday”, some local women are reminding everyone, to give something special to yourself too. It could save your own life.

Special bras are part of a campaign called “#SmilingForErica”.

The women who are giving them to others say that on this “Giving Tuesday”, you should give yourself a self-breast exam, mammogram or whatever is needed for early detection, which could help save your life.

Erica Holloman lost her life to triple negative breast cancer, Family and friends remembered her life on Tuesday. She started the “Bras for Breast Cancer Project” after she had a mastectomy for breast cancer.

“That's what I remember, her always smiling and coming to the meetings. She was fun to be around, and I loved her,” said Deborah Calloway, a friend of Erica.

“I think she was just an angel that was sent down for us, I can't stop smiling just thinking about her,” said Juanita Lane, another friend of Erica.

Those bras are going to some very special families on Tuesday.

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