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Study: Blood pressure numbers rose during pandemic

Study: Blood pressure numbers rose during pandemic (WKRC/File)
Study: Blood pressure numbers rose during pandemic (WKRC/File)
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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Blood pressure numbers rose during the pandemic, according to the National Institutes of Health. This raises the risk of serious complications.

One local stroke survivor has a warning for those with blood pressure levels above normal ranges.

"The doctors assumed I was too young to worry about stroke, so I could stop taking my medication,” said Bethany Moeddel, who had a stroke at age 29.

She says, if she had stayed on her medication and brought her numbers down, she likely never would have had the outcome she lives with now.

“Within two months of that, I had two massive ischemic strokes in two different parts of my brain, which left me with left side weakness and some cognitive difficulties,” Moeddel said.

With the help of family and friends, she has overcome many difficulties, but the American Stroke Association wants everyone to know:

"Stroke does not discriminate age. I think there's a stigma that it doesn't happen until you're older, but that is not the case,” said Alyssa Ward of the Stroke Association.

For most people, a normal blood pressure is about 120 over 80. Moeddel hopes at least one person will heed her warning and learn the early signs.

"One person will make me happy," she said. "It's worth everything if just one person can be saved."

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If you see warning signs, act "FAST" -- if someone has Face drooping, Arm weakness, or Slurred speech, it’s Time to call 911.

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