Study: Infants benefit longterm if you read to them

Study: Infants benefit longterm if you read to them (MGN)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Those bedtime stories for babies might have a whole new hidden health benefit, at least according to pediatricians at the Cleveland Clinic.

This conclusion comes from a recent study that says the younger you start reading to babies, the better.

Reading to infants boosts vocabulary and reading skills early and for years to come.

Researchers monitored 250 pairs of mothers and babies for four years.

They found that book-reading quality during infancy was a good predictor of early-reading skills.

They also found that a combination of book-reading quality and quantity during toddler years was a good predictor of literacy skills, such as name-writing, by age four.

Based on the report, it's suggested that you can benefit a baby by reading out loud to them every day.

It appears it also plays a role in helping a child have a longer attention span that can make a difference in long term school success too.

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