Study: Monetary incentives to exercise don't motivate

Study: Monetary incentives to exercise don't motivate (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new study released August 2 gives insight about how little many of us really want to exercise.

A great time with good friends may be what it takes to get some to exercise, not getting paid for it, according to the report from researchers at Case Western.

This study found monetary incentives did not entice people to exercise. Fitness specialists offered people who joined a traditional gym an Amazon gift card and a prize to visit a gym nine times during the first six weeks they joined.

Fourteen percent did not visit the gym after the first week, even though they said they planned to go three times a week. They also didn't go more during the nine weeks, than those in a control group, not given the same monetary reward.

It appears the only thing that works, is internal motivation, which has very little to do with money according to this study.

Previous studies have shown that giving people monitory incentives does work for some things, such as health screenings.

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