Study: Sexual intimacy can trigger cardiac arrest, but it's rare

Study: Sexual intimacy can trigger cardiac arrest, but it's rare (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new report on heart attacks has some surprising news about your health and your relationship.

There was a big announcement on Monday from the American Heart Association at their annual meeting in Aneheim. They announced the sexual intimacy in your life, not likely to be a cause of death.

But they did find that if sexual activity is fatal, the victim is likely to be male and African-American.

Researchers reviewed more than 4,500 sudden cardiac arrests. They found 34 associated with sexual activity.

More than half occurred during the activity, the others mostly after it.

Researchers say this is an important study because many people with heart disease symptoms often wonder if they are at risk for a heart attack during intimacy.

The answer is likely that the risk is low.

That said, those in the study ranged in age from 34 to 83 years old. One in three had a history of heart problems.

Researchers also said while conditioning is important, exertion may not be the only risk for sudden cardiac arrest.

A heavy meal, stimulants, alcohol or sex with a non-married partner, which for men is often a mistress, were also listed as triggers.

The real message they want in all this is that everyone should know CPR.

In the study, only about one in three of the sex-related heart events had someone administer that at the time of the event.

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