Teal T-Bird auctioned off made thousands for ovarian cancer research

Teal T-Bird auctioned off made thousands for ovarian cancer research (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local organization raising money to help fight cancer just got a big boost.

You may remember the “Power is Teal T-Bird.

It was auctioned off once at the Ovarian Cancer Alliance Walk to raise money for research and then gifted back to be auctioned off again by Everything But The House.

“Everything But The House” is a very unique online platform in which you can sell an entire estate or just one item, like a teal T-Bird,” said Jacquie Denny.

It was heartwarming that the buyer regifted the T-Bird, and was made even more so due to his history.

“He had lost the four most important women in his life to different cancers,” said Jacquie Denny.

That is something Andy Walter, who rebuilt the car, knows all too well. He lost his wife Debbie this past year to ovarian cancer.

“We’ve created an incredible amount of awareness, and obviously raised a lot of money for research and supporting survivors here in town,” said Walter.

The final purchase price? $28,000! Which, for survivors, simply means more money for their cause.

“It’s pretty amazing and overwhelming, with our organization being all volunteers that money goes straight to our cause to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and it's deadly symptoms and to support our survivors,” said Denny.

Ovarian cancer survivor Dianne Weidman says her hope is that other people get an early screening test, one that could have helped her good friend Debbie perhaps find her cancer earlier.

“If they could get it or stage one or two it's a 90 percent five-year survival rate,” said Weidman.

You can find out more about supporting the Ovarian Cancer Alliance and their upcoming “Debbie's Backyard Bash” on July 28th by visiting this link.

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