The Howard Effect: Local family encouraged about new interest in living kidney donation

Local family encouraged about new interest in living kidney donation (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – There is a big thank you on Monday from a local couple who are waiting for a living kidney donor.

The “Howard Effect” is something affectionately referred to as the wonderful response so many of you have had to Local 12 Howard Ain’s story and the need for living kidney donors.

On Monday, the latest was revealed on the hope for another family who are also awaiting a living donor and on Howard too.

Local 12’s good friend Howard Ain is living the dream right now. He's recovering from his kidney transplant with friends and family in Florida.

It's all thanks to Anita Farrell, a local 12 producer who gave him the gift of life as a living kidney donor.

It’s the same gift Greg Brunner is hoping he will receive this season of giving.

“Your story has gotten a lot of attention, even as far as Texas,” said Greg Brunner. “I have a buddy that has a foundation down there, he runs the Joseph Groh Foundation and he put your story on his personal website, and also on the foundation website.

That's really given Greg new hope that he says since many have reached out an inquired about being tested as a living donor for Greg. It has made Greg and his wife Becky feel as if they are not alone.

“Support is so important and I am sure Howard could tell you that as well, if I was to walk this alone it would be terrible,” said Greg “So many people have given me encouragement that I’m positive, and I’m kind of a negative guy, it's really working out for me.”

You can find a link to the Kidney Foundation here. You can reach out to learn more about becoming a donor.

You can also find a link to Greg’s Facebook page here.

Greg can't know if anyone is moving forward in the process because it's confidential, but a lot of people are praying for him.

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