Tri-State mom's team offers resources for pregnancy and beyond

Tri-State mom's team offers resources for pregnancy and beyond (WKRC)

MASON, Ohio (WKRC) - If you or someone you love needs a little parenting help, you can now call the TriState Mom's Team. This is a group of moms, for moms.

The TriState Mom's Team is a group of really dedicated moms, who, knowing some of the challenges of parenting, got together to try and help families transition from birth and beyond.

Jordan Baumgartner has made it past the first month now, but when her daughter Charlotte was first born, she found out breastfeeding was harder than it looked.

"[It was] a lot harder than what I had thought; people tell you everything, but it's different when you are doing it," Baumgartner said.

So Jordan reached out to the Mom's Team. They are a group of moms who help other moms with everything from lactation--

"I go to people's homes and see moms and babies in the space that they will be breastfed," said Wendy McHale.

To buying the right breast pump through Mommy Express.

"[It's] a durable medical equipment company that provides breast pumps through insurance, free to moms that are breastfeeding," said Roni Williams.

They also assist moms who need overnight nannies, and overnight care.

"When they come home from the hospital, we help teach newborn skills...and then we help them in getting their babies from sleeping through the night, and then we do sleep coaching too," said Rachel Jones from Mommy's Dream Team.

The team also helps with moms caring for themselves through services at Becoming Mom Spa and Ultrasound.

"Our goal is to help mom enjoy the journey before, during and after pregnancy," said Ally Osborne.

This group of moms ended up getting together because, in an effort to help many of their own clients, they found their clients had additional needs and needed some people to answer some questions.

The group says they offer mother-to-mother support because there's something about getting advice and help from someone who's been there before.

Some of these services are free or covered by medical insurance plans, others, such as nanny or spa services, are individualized based on your needs.

If you are a mom who may want to be part of this support group for other moms, you can also contact the team online for more information.

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