UC Health team conducts trial to lower breast implant infection risks

UC Health team conducts trial to lower breast implant infection risks (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Breakthrough research could help women who've had breast reconstruction surgery.

A research team at the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute is taking a closer look at breast implants and reducing a common complication that often follows the surgery to rebuild or implant them.

It has potential to lead to big results improving women's lives.

When a woman goes into the operating room for breast reconstruction or enhancement surgery, implants made of silicone or salt water are placed inside the breast area to rebuild it.

The problem is that even with the use of antibiotics and the best techniques, patients still do rarely develop infections.

So, rather than just giving patients antibiotics, which are common medications to fight the infection,

Dr. Ryan Gobble, who is a breast reconstructive surgeon is part of a team who are part of a project testing another way to deliver them to the body.

“The goal of our project is to actually get antibiotics coated to the silicone implants so that we can have long term antibiotic treatment of any potential bacteria that could come in contact with the breast implants,” said Dr. Gobble.

That's right, he's trying to find out if putting the antibiotic right on the implant could significantly reduce infection risks and rates.

“For those who may need this breast implant surgery for cosmetic or for reasons related to breast cancer, the outcomes could make a big difference,” said Dr. Gobble.

It is a novel, cheap and effective method, one that appears to work so well in the lab that human trials may be the next step.

“We're coming at it from a new direction and so far we've had really encouraging results,” said Dr. Gobble.

Dr. Gobble is part of a team providing a free education program on this and several other breast cancer topics on Saturday and you are invited to attend.

It starts at 9 a.m. at the Kingsgate Marriott.

It includes lunch and you can register by calling (513) 558-2030.

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