Anti-viral medications can help fight flu in first 48 hours

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Hundreds of cases in some parts of the Tri-State were still being reported for the flu.

If people have it, it can last seven to ten days and cause serious complications including breathing problems if it gets worse instead of better. The flu hits suddenly, every joint hurts, and it's highly contagious. If it's taking hold in people's homes there are things they can do.

Dr. John Lacount of St. Elizabeth Pediatrics in Florence said, "Currently the most common things we are seeing is probably the cough and congestion, and flu like symptoms."

Those flu like symptoms can cause everything from breathing problems in babies to awful body aches, sneezing, and fevers in adults according to Dr. Lacount. In northern Kentucky there was a slight drop in the number of cases in the last week but still nearly 200 had been reported according to the Northern Kentucky Health Department which tracks actual flu cases.

In Hamilton County and the rest of Ohio, flu cases were still climbing. Ohio tracks flu activity such as emergency room visits, not actual cases.

If people have someone in their home or workplace who seems to be getting sick, keep your distance if you can and wash your hands, especially after touching surfaces at home or at work. If a person is sick, toss out tissues you use and don't leave them lying around. Try to get as much rest as possible and and take over the counter medications to ease the cough , congestion, sneezing, and fever.

If that doesn't work call your health care provider and ask about anti-viral medications, which may shorten the duration of your symptoms but only if you get them in the first 48 hours.

The vaccine does appear to be what's considered a good match, but it still doesn't give people 100 percent coverage. It's never too late to get it and right now it's still recommended for anyone around new babies especially.

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