Backyard Bash to raise money to fight ovarian cancer

Backyard Bash to raise money to fight ovarian cancer (WKRC)

BLUE ASH, Ohio (WKRC) - People are invited to come out and support a great cause this weekend at a good old fashioned "Backyard Bash" where they can also sign up to win a new car!

The car is being raffled off at at the "Power is Teal Backyard Bash" which raises money to fight ovarian cancer.

The event and the car are part of a journey that one local wife and mother who has quite the drive to continue to survive.

It all started a few years ago when Debbie Walter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. "It's going well, I'm back on chemo as always."

When she won a backyard bash a few years ago for friends, she turned it into a fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Alliance. "That is an organization that is here to support women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and also fund research."

The event is Saturday, July 29 in Bridgetown. A "power is teal" 1965 Thunderbird will be there. Just 20 dollars gives you a chance to win it. Tickets will be on sale until the Ovarian Cancer Alliance Walk on September 16.

Raising money to fund a cure isn't the only goal. Debbie also wants others to know the early warning signs, "because people don't understand that ovarian cancer is the silent killer and there's so many normal Everyday occurrences that you get."

Everyday occurrences such as bloating, abdominal pain, early fullness and frequent urination are just a few of those warning signs. "I thought I was five months pregnant when I was diagnosed, so I took a pregnancy test, little did I know it was ovarian cancer.

You can still attend the bash and you can buy a raffle ticket for the car by visiting this link.

The raffle winner is picked at the "Power Teal Walk" which is Saturday, September 16th at Summit Park in Blue Ash.

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