CDC suggest flu-affected patients be treated with antivirals

CDC suggest flu treatment with antivirals (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – There is a suggestion from the CDC that says that, if you get sick, you should not try to diagnose your own illness and should instead seek medical attention and possibly antiviral medication.

On Monday, the Northern Kentucky Health Department backed the suggestion, saying they have had 1300 cases and three deaths in the area. Last year, on the same week of January, there were only 80 cases.

The weather doesn't make us sick, it just makes us want to not be outside. Add that to the holiday travel from home to home and when it comes to the spread of the flu, all of that adds up.

“That is probably what happened to precipitate it,” said Carolum Fiutem, who is a system infection prevention officer for TriHealth

There is now a new health advisory from the Centers for Disease Control: All hospitalized, severely ill, and high-risk patients with suspected or confirmed influenza, should be treated with antivirals.

“This year has come a little early, and the illness seems to be more severe and a lot more widespread,” said Dr. Stephen Blatt, who is the head of infectious diseases for TriHealth.

That means that as a lot more people get sick, they have a greater potential for severe complications.

Since antivirals are medications such as “Tamiflu”, that if given within 48 hours, may help shorten the symptoms of the flu or make them less severe. That could help reduce the odds that some will end up with illnesses such as pneumonia that can't be overcome.

You may benefit from those medications so you don't wind up in the hospital if you get sick. The CDC says one study did show that getting them even at 72 hours after you get sick, still may have some benefit.

The severity of cases, so far, is a big concern.

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