Christmas in October: Family & friends support ovarian cancer survivor

Family & friends support ovarian cancer survivor (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Most people have Halloween decorations up this time of year but in one neighborhood on the West Side it's “Christmas in October.”

It's all about a special celebration of life for a special woman who is surviving ovarian cancer.

When Debbie Walter recently decided to stop treatment, her friends decided that, just in case she didn’t feel well enough by Christmas to enjoy it, they would make sure she could enjoy it now.

Christmas was always her favorite holiday, so it's not surprising people waited in line to say “Merry Christmas” in October to Debbie Walter.

This celebration of life is part of a larger passion for Debbie Walter and her family. In the last five years since Debbie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, with the help of an auction of the “Teal-Power” “T-Bird,” she has raised more than a million dollars for research and awareness of the symptoms of the disease.

“Watch for bloating, watch for pelvic pain, feeling full quickly… and if you consistently feel these things for a couple weeks you should go to your gynecologist,” said Debbie Walter.

The Christmas celebration is a reminder to everyone that every day is a gift that makes you appreciate the quiet heroes present.

“I don't feel like a hero, I just feel like this is why I am here and why God put me here, that this is part of my journey and why I have this disease is to just get this awareness out there to people,” said Debbie Walter.

This year, the Ovarian Cancer Survivor Walk that Debbie championed, where the car was raffled, raised more than $150,000. It was a record year.

One of the best Christmas gifts for Debbie was a gift to the Ovarian Cancer Alliance for research.

The person that won the raffle for the “Power is Teal” T-Bird took the cash option, so the car is being re-auctioned off for double the donation to cancer research in January.

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