CVG adds suite for breastfeeding mothers

Suites offer traveling moms a place to breastfeed and pump (WKRC)

HEBRON, Ky. (WKRC) - New mothers now have a private place to breastfeed at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.

From the outside it's perfectly discreet. Nicole Broomall says when she is looking to breastfeed her 17-month-old twins Felix and Lucille while traveling, discreet is hard to find. "You just search the airport for a cubby or a nook because you don't want to go in the bathroom."

Now if vacant, moms can stop in the Mamava. It's a private pod or suite for pumping or breastfeeding.

For moms like Nicole, it's the perfect place to breast feed. "This is like the Ritz Carlton of nursing spaces. This is wonderful."

She hopes this will continue to be a growing trend, not just in this airport but also in a lot of other places across the country. "I think it's important that moms feel like they are supported and this is something from their immediate circle to spaces that they are in, especially working moms."

That is the goal according to the team that made the Mamava happen. "We just want to offer some convenience and support for them," said CVG communications manager Mindy Kershner.

These are available for families, free of charge.

The pods can be custom wrapped by the company that makes them, but also provide space for advertising which could help cover the cost. They each cost several thousand dollars.

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