Doctors at CEI perform sight saving surgery on young girl

Doctors at CEI perform sight saving surgery on young girl (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - An answer to prayer. That's how one mom describes what's happening with her daughter this week in the Tri-State.

A young girl is getting a life-changing eye surgery that could help save her sight.

Many have been praying for Phoenix. She is a sweet young lady who was diagnosed with “Stevens Johnson Syndrome.”

It is a disorder of the skin and mucous membranes and is often a reaction to an infection. It starts with flu like symptoms and often is followed by a painful rash that spreads.

Phoenix was able to come back from that, but her eyes suffered from the scaring.

This week she got a life-altering surgery for her sight and was at Cincinnati Eye Institute with her best friend.

“Because she's prayed for me a lot and she's made sure she acts the same around me, and treats me normal, but not push it,” said Phoenix about her friend.

Phoenix's already had eyelid surgery and stem cells from her mother were placed into Phoenix's eyes to help in healing.

It appears that was a really productive visit and now they are moving on to the next step.

“We're just really expectant today and believing for supernatural miraculous things to happen today, so we are excited,” said Phoenix’s family.

“Today we are doing the fourth part in the reconstruction of the Phoenix's eyes. She's getting a corneal transplant,” said Dr. Edward Holland of the Cincinnati Eye Institute.

Dr. Holland is one of just a few surgeons in the country who specializes in the combined stem cell corneal transplants.

“If we get a successful cornea that gives us a good chance of getting her vision back,” said Dr. Holland. “It's as challenging a case we've probably ever had.”

So while Phoenix's family waits and prays, Dr. Holland’s team prepared to perform the surgery.

“That the corneal transplant will help me see better,” said Phoenix.

Eventually, Dr. Holland removes Phoenix’s old cornea and a donated cornea is put in its place.

He is humbly grateful for all the prayers and support.

“I can use all the help I can get,” said Dr. Holland.

“We're just excited and we believe today is a new door is a new season to step into new level of healing for her and wholeness for her,” said Phoenix’s family.

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