Don't push yourself: Local doctors want you to stay home for the holidays if you are sick

Local doctors want you to stay home for the holidays if you are sick (US Army/MGN Online)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If you're looking forward to going home for the holidays, some doctors are saying: “Not so fast!”

Some are actually saying: “Stay home!”

It's all because of a bad respiratory infection going around.

“Usually it will start with the nasal congestion, sinus pressure, and then it works down into the lungs where they start coughing, usually one to three days fever, low-grade or mid-grade, and usually the fever dissipates. But it's that chronic cough that lingers one for a week to two weeks,” said Dr. Kenneth Patton.

Dr. Kenneth Patton says if you have that respiratory infection, the problem is knowing if you are going to spread it.

“With a virus, it's really hard to tell when they are contagious, and when they are not contagious,” said Dr. Patton.

That means if your relatives-- especially the very young or very old-- get this virus, they may wind up getting wheeled into the hospital for a lengthy stay from complications.

“My best advice is if you have that cough, the congestion or you are feeling sick, please stay at home, stay away from close contacts, no holiday parties and certainly you have to be careful seeing the elderly, with a lot of comorbidities and a lot of chronic conditions because they are the ones that are most susceptible to having the adverse effects or more complications from the flu: Pneumonia, severe dehydration are the two top ones,” said Dr. Patton.

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