Embrace EveryBODY: Free movie night for eating disorder awareness

Embrace EveryBODY: Free movie night for eating disorder awareness (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new movie was getting a lot of attention on Facebook and Twitter.

It's a documentary called, "Embrace EveryBODY," and it focuses on body shaming. One local wife and mother said that was not always easy to do. The mom, who recently had a baby, was speaking up just in time for the kick off of a special education night by the Lindner Center of Hope for Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

They have a free screening of "Embrace EveryBODY" people can attend and maybe explore a program that helped one mom in her journey to loving her body again.

Laura Ghory shared, "I would say I probably struggled with eating disorders and disordered eating most of my life."

It's hard to imagine when people see the beautiful mother of little Joey, who's now 2-months-old, being anything but healthy. But Laura Ghory admitted most of her life she struggled with her how she saw her own body.

She shared, "I think back into grade school, I can remember being on diets and really hating my body."

So recently, prior to Joey's birth, Laura became a woman on a mission. She wanted to change what she saw and how she saw it when she looked in the mirror. So she joined a program run by Dr. Sarah Livanier which focuses on improving body image.

Dr. Livanier said, "It's a ten week program where we go from start to finish where we learn about where our body image comes from and what we can do about it now to try and improve our lives and start loving ourselves and loving our bodies."

Laura said each day when she picks up little Joey her thoughts are different than they were before. Getting rid of the mold was what the new movie was all about. When you do, Laura said people will be amazed at the bundles of joy right in front of them.

The movie night at the Lindner Center takes place Thursday, February 23. CLICK HERE for more information.

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