Local woman says mobile mammography truck saved her life

Local woman says mobile mammography truck saved her life (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local wife and mother said a big thank you to a mobile mammography team that helped save her life.

She was out running errands and happened to see the UC Health Mobile Mammography Truck parked in front of a local market. Something told her to go inside and it was a step that likely changed her life forever.

Erin Lawry has no doubt, “A mammogram truck saved my life.”

A busy mom who's run more than 40 marathons, she made a quick stop in June 2016, for a mammogram on the Mobile Mammography Truck. Eventually, Dr. Jaime Lewis got to examine those mammography images and about a week later Erin got the phone call. The phone call that told her she had DCIS, or Ductal Carcinoma in Situ.

It's a cancer not spread yet outside the milk duct. She would not have even known that she had cancer had Erin not seen it on the images. There were no symptoms. The majority of patients have absolutely no symptoms.

Erin is now cancer free but because that cancer was found at stage zero she had choices, especially with her surgery.

“My goals were one to live first and foremost, two no chemo, three no radiation, and four save my nipple. And I got all four,” said Erin.

Dr. Lewis said, “The value in saving the nipple is mainly the aesthetics, it's mainly how it looks.”

For Erin that was important, “You know, I’m a woman and I think preserving that as much as possible is the best quality of life that you can have.”

Part of that life she credits to her mom, who recently lost her battle with cancer, “I really believe she was my guardian angel that day, looking after me and saying, ‘Erin get your mammogram, don't be stupid, it doesn't discriminate.’”

CLICK HERE for a link to where people can find the UC Health Mobile Mammography unit in the next few months. People can get a mammogram on that mobile unit even if they do not have health insurance.

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