Local woman works with Sensible Fitness to drop 100 lbs

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local woman with a weight loss success story might have a few secrets to helping people make and keep their New Year's resolutions.

If people are feeling a bit shy this new year about heading to a gym or a fitness program to get in better shape, Kathy said she can relate. A little more than a year ago she mustered up the courage to head in to Sensible Fitness in Blue Ash. She discovered the first secret to success is often just showing up.

When she went to Sensible Fitness, Kathy walked 200 feet from the parking lot to the ladies rest room and then had to sit down to rest. You'd never know that now seeing her pulling her personal trainer, Doug Gibson, across the floor. After a little more than a year Kathy is 100 lbs lighter.

She shared, "It's changed my life. I feel younger now than I did six or seven years ago."

The weight she said slowly crept up when she stopped activities after the loss of her husband, "I had become totally sedentary. It was food and my recliner and the television to be honest with you."

Now, Kathy goes from watching TV to being on TV to share her steps to success. First with fitness and then with family. She pointed out that her story proved that if anyone can get in shape , they can do what she did to get to a better place. And whatever people start in 2017, get in it for the long term and it can make a big difference.

Trainer Gibson said, "We focus on lifestyle here, we don't weigh people here. I know she's lost 118 pounds but we focus on changing lifestyles."

Kathy said, "I could hardly walk around the building, now I can walk a mile before a full body workout."

Kathy said she was still a work in progress and planned to continue to lose more weight.

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